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Katre — Encounters (2017) MP3


Название: Encounters
Исполнитель: Katre
Год: 2017
Жанр: Пост-рок
Страна: Турция

Продолжительность: 40 минут
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320

Официальный сайт

1(Existence I) – Underwater World
2(Existence II) – Mettle
3(Existence III) – The Breath Part I
4(Existence IV) – The Breath Part II
5(Existing I) – Bond
6(Existing II) – It is All New
7(Existing III) – Blurry Paths
8(Existing IV) – Heaviest Leaves

Дополнительная информация
KATRE is a Turkish band which explores the areas of post-rock / post-metal synthesized with classic eastern tunes and experiments on the sustain of the sound. However, the distinguishing aspect of their musical approach lies in the subtle integration of the eastern tunes in Post-Metal, without being overly an «oriental» band. Encounters is a concept album and focuses on the subject of existence.

One of the surprises of the album is Erkan Oğur, critically acclaimed Turkish musician performs in the opening track.

By applying the ebow on electric and fretless guitars, KATRE sustains the sound, and in doing so they combine the techniques of the west and the eastern culture, in which they grew up. Inspired by the stages that span conception and birth, to growth and self-awareness, the album explores these ideas through the two chapters, Existing and Existence.

Katre is:
Hasan Koç — Guitars, Fretless guitar, Ebow
Hüseyin Koç — Bass guitar
Okaner Ertuğrul — Drums
Aycan Meryumoğlu — Electric guitar

released February 18, 2017


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